COLLECTION: Leather and Bags

Leather bags. High quality craftsmanship. The most important features of our handmade bags? Maybe these: They may become really old. And the final touches that bring out their real character are always the work of their owner. Each bag comes as a unique handmade piece. Very slowly, with every time it is carried, with every grip and with every touch, it becomes a very personal object. That’s the usual wear and tear? No, absolutely not, that’s for sure. Our bags are made for every single day in life. And after a while you can tell looking at them. Nothing wrong with that.

Handmade belts. Braided or in a classic solid leather style. Granted, leather belts off the rack also fit. But off the rack they will never be really personal items. And will they last really, really long, like ours? We combine excellent leather with really well-made clasps and buckles. Because we only make them to order, we ask for length and width, for color and the type of leather you want. The braided belts and solid leather belts that appear in the pictures in our webshop are also such unique pieces. So your belt may look a little different – that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.

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