Classic strap sandals

Our strap sandals are inspired by traditional sandal styles. Some of our models go back to cross-strap sandals that have their origin in the region of Mexico and Central America, others are reminiscent of diagonal strap sandals, as they are frequently worn in Africa. The name of our sandals often gives a clue to where we found our inspiration, and our most popular models include, for example, Mexico and Sahara.

Individually made to measure

All our sandals are made to measure and individually fitted to the foot, so we take footprints of both of your feet in our store & workshop. If you order online via our webshop, we will send you a footprint set, aka foot impression foil set, with which you can take the footprints yourself without much effort. With some models we have to make individual adjustments in our store & workshop, therefore you cannot order these models online.

Solid craftsmanship

High quality leather, solid sole construction and good craftsmanship, cork footbed and clever adjustment make our strap sandals all-rounders that cut a fine figure not only in the leisure time.

Adjustable straps

Even if you can’ t see it: The straps are all adjustable. They run freely through the sole structure and are tightened to fit closely to the instep and provide a good and secure hold. We select the width of the straps to match the size of the sandal, so that, for example, if you have a small or slender foot, you will also have a lighter look. With some models you can also determine the number of straps. One, two or three straps can make the same sandal look sturdier or somewhat more elegant.

Without buckles made of plastic or metal

Often buckles and clasps are the weak points in a sandal. We do without these things in our strap sandals and go for something we call the “Mexican Joint.” The loose strap ends are threaded, or braided, through the holes in the heel strap hold there without any additional measures.

Last forever – and even longer with repair

Well, “forever” might perhaps be a bit of an overstatement. But our strap sandals are made for long-term walkers. We can repair and recondition everything if, after many years or quite some mileage, something gives here or there. We think that is quite sustainable. And so do our long-standing customers.

Rain proof? Sure! 

Good leather has no problems with an occasional shower. Our sandals also take it quite well, but what they don’t like is permanent moisture. With the right care you can do them good: A little leather grease now and then keeps the leather supple and makes it less vulnerable to moisture. And if it gets really wet sometimes, there are a few simple rules to be followed when drying your sandals.

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