The comfortable ones: From mules to flip-flops

The comfortable ones: From mules to flip-flops

Whether minimalistic with only one strap, casual with simple toe separators or with covered instep like a typical mule: Sometimes it just has to be light and comfortable. Unless it’s about long walks, a heel strap is unnecessary. That’s why there is nothing to adjust in more simply built sandals like flip-flops or mules.

Individually made-to-measure and fitted to the foot

All the more it is important that everything fits right from the start. Like all our sandals, the models without adjustable straps are bespoke sandals that are individually fitted to the foot. Since with these models there are no adjustment options, however, this is always done in our store workshop. Even with a simple flip-flop, a few millimeters often make all the difference when you wear it. We therefore always make the final adjustments to these models during the fitting directly on the foot, at our store & workshop in Freiburg. This is the only way to ensure the good fit we want to offer you.

Handmade, easy to repair, sustainable

As with our strap sandals, we rely on high quality leather and pure craftsmanship, a solid sole construction and a molded cork footbed. A positive side-effect: We can repair and rebuild anything that wears out or no longer fits properly after many years of wear, not only the outsole.

Can stand the occasional rain

Sure, our sandals do not like it permanently moist and damp. But they can handle a some water or rain, ho problem there. Treating the leather with a little leather grease every now and then will also help the sandals stand up well to a little downpour. And afterwards, just gently dry the sandals again.

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