We will send you a so-called footprint foil. This is a kind of footprint kit that you use to make prints and outlines of your two feet. We describe how to do this in instructions that are included and in a video on our website. You send this set back to us in the same envelope. How much postage you have to pay for it depends on which country you send it from and which postal service you use. Only then we can start the work. We will give an approximate delivery date for the finished sandals or shoes after we receive the footprint set in our online store. However, you are also welcome to call us or send us an email if you have any questions. Strap sandals you still need to adjust when they arrived at you in the package. We will show you how to do this in a video. When you pick up the sandals at our store workshop, we will adjust the straps for you. There is nothing to adjust on the models Amalfi, Colombo, Clog, Flip-Flop, Panama, Vienna.
How soon we can start working after the order depends on our order situation. We give an approximate delivery date in our online store. But you are also welcome to call us or send us an email if you want to inquire.
No, there are differences, of course. Because we make the sandals based on your footprint, the shape of the footbed and sole varies depending on whether you have a slender or wide foot, for example. Also, the sandals we photographed for the online catalog are custom made for a specific person. Colors may also vary. We work with natural colored leather, which we dye after your order. Each hide takes on the color in a slightly different way. And as to how your display or monitor shows the colors: we have absolutely no influence on that.
Because we only make to order and deliver bespoke products, all of our sandals and shoes are unique and only fit a specific person. Therefore, they can not be returned or exchanged. The binding purchase contract is concluded with the order and our order confirmation. If after a short time of wearing it turns out that, despite our careful work, the sandals could be adjusted a little better, we will do it free of charge in our store & workshop. Please also note that the sole and footbed are shaped to your footprint and therefore might naturally look different from the pictures on the Internet. And as to how your display or monitor shows the colors: we have absolutely no influence on that. Such differences are therefore not a deficiency and do not justify withdrawal from the purchase contract.
We also make bags and belts only to order, belts, for example, in individual lengths and with selected clasps. Therefore, they can not be returned or exchanged. The binding purchase contract is concluded with the order and our order confirmation. If there are defects in material or workmanship, which we have not noticed, we will remove the defects free of charge in our workshop or deliver a replacement. If you notice any defects, please notify us within 14 days after delivery or collection of the goods. Colors can deviate in principle. Leather is a natural product, each skin takes the color slightly different. Also the textile belts we process are not standardized mass-produced goods. And how your monitor or display shows colors, we have no influence at all. Such deviations are therefore not a defect and do not justify withdrawal from the purchase contract.
We provide estimated delivery times in our webshop and when ordering directly. During the season, it can be several weeks if there is a large number of orders, because we only work to order and manufacture made to measure sandals and shoes.
Postage costs and delivery time depend on the country. We will give you the postage cost in our webshop. For shipping within the EU, we charge the German VAT as we indicate it in the final price in our webshop. When shipping to non-EU countries, we ship free of VAT. Customs duties and/or import sales tax may apply depending on the regulations of the country in which the delivery address is located. We do not know the regulations and tariffs of all countries, unfortunately. You will usually find instructions on the websites of your national competent customs authorities. The respective transaction is usually carried out by the transport service provider.
Just use of the green form (export certificate) and our receipt to prove the export to Switzerland to us. We will refund the VAT in cash when you come back to our store & workshop, or you can send us the forms stamped by customs and receive the refund as a bank transfer to an account you specify.


Yes, our strap sandals have adjustable straps. We show you how it works with the models that we sell through our webshop in a video. If you pick up the sandals in our store & workshop, we will show you during the fitting. There is nothing to adjust with our models Amalfi, Colombo, Clog, Flip-Flop, Panama, Vienna
No, they’re not. Even though one of the sandal makers is an orthopedic shoemaker, the sandals are not some sort of of “orthopedic shoes light.” However, we can take into consideration some foot problems, and the sandals may offer some degrees of freedom that a closed shoe does not. Please talk to us if you have special needs – we can then work out together what the options are.
Please talk to us! Sometimes it turns out that a little adjustment is still needed here or there when you wear the sandals. We do this for you in our store & workshop, and it’s free of charge for new sandals. For sandals ordered online, please first find out if only the straps are adjusted too tight or too wide. You can adjust them yourself with a few simple touches. Please also note that the leather will adapt to the foot when worn. At the beginning, the leather may be a little stiff, braided elements not yet have settled. Braided elements you can knock flat  a little with a hammer, using not too much force. Allow yourself and your new sandals some time to break in.
Even if that’s quite seldom the case: It can happen. Talk to us, or come to the workshop if you live nearby, we’ll fix it.
Yes, of course. Not everything, but almost everything can be renewed and repaired, depending on the model. Replacing the outsole is never a problem, and leather parts can usually be replaced as well. Simply ask us!


The skin can be sensitive or allergic to a variety of substances. With our vegetable-tanned leather, the chance is extremely low however. Mostly it is poorly processed chrome tanned leather that causes skin irritation. In a few models, we use carefully combination-tanned leather for certain components, but for the most part we rely on vegetable-tanned leather.
We grease our smooth leathers with a leather grease before we ship the sandals. Exposed fat leathers, like the ones we use for some of our bags, are also heavily greased while still in the tannery. You should lightly re-grease these smooth leathers from time to time, depending on how much use they get. However, too frequent greasing and too much grease do not like smooth leather; excess grease will cause the leather to start sticking. It’s best to use a colorless leather grease. Shoe polish and leather oil often do not have the ideal properties for our smooth leathers, so they are not the first choice when it comes to care. After soaking, you can polish the surface with a soft cloth or brush. Also, please never use natural greases or oils like you use in the kitchen, always use special products. Pure natural oils and natural greases will destroy the leather in the long run. We offer a very good leather balm &leather grease that you can buy in our store workshop or online. Velour or nubuck leather of our bags please maintain with special sprays, which are available in stores. Leather grease would make the surface sticky. Superficial dirt can often be removed with a leather eraser or a special cleaning brush.
If the sandals are only dusted a bit, it is often enough to rub them with a soft, maybe slightly damp cloth or a brush. There is no universal leather cleaner for all kinds of stains and soilings of leather. Stains and dirt from normal use and excess grease are best removed with saddle soap. Please do not use normal household soap, household cleaners or solvents, they almost always damage the leather. Saddle soap is used by applying it with a damp sponge until it foams a little and the dirt comes off. Then use the sponge to wipe off the foam and let the leather dry in a well-ventilated place. Sun, heating air or a hairdryer are not a good idea, this puts far too much strain on the leather. Then grease the leather again a bit.
Well-cared sandals cope quite well with occasional wetness. If they happen to get very wet, let the leather dry in a well-ventilated place – not in the sun or on the heater, and please do not use a hair dryer. As soon as they are dry again, you can lightly re-grease it.
Yes, vegetable tanned leather will darken somewhat over time and develop sort of a patina. Dust and dirt can also make it appear darker – in this case, you can clean the leather.


If you want to make sandals for someone else, we need the footprint; if you want to make a belt for someone else, you should know the length. Just talk to us in time before the class starts! Other than that, you don’t need to bring anything. We provide materials and tools. Just please make sure not to wear delicate clothing. I cannot participate in a booked workshop. What do I have to do? Cancel the workshop with us as early as possible. If you cancel at very short notice, we can only refund part of the course fee or not at all. The exact regulations for booking and cancellation can be found in our terms and conditions
Cancel the workshop with us as early as possible. If you cancel at very short notice, we can only partially refund the course fee or not at all. The exact rules for booking and cancellation can be found in our terms and conditions. [Link]
Yes, e.g. if not enough participants book the workshop, or for other important reasons, e.g. if the course instructor falls ill. We will let you know as soon as we ourselves know that a workshop has to be cancelled. In that case, the workshop fee will of course be refunded. The exact rules for booking and cancellation can be found in our terms and conditions. [Link]
In this case we will finish the sandals for you and you can pick them up from our store & workshop, or we will ship them to you (postage applies). The exact regulations can be found in our terms and conditions. [Link]

1. Make a footprint

2. Adjust the Straps


Advice in our workshop. Of course, you can just come to the workshop and get all advice you might need. However, if you want to order a pair of sandals or shoes, we recommend that you make an appointment so that we make sure we have enough time for you. The appointment can also be arranged outside our opening hours (Monday to Friday 3.00 to 6.00 p.m.). Please allow 20 to 30 minutes for normal needs.

Once you have made your decision, we ask you to stand on a so-called foot-impression-box with both feet one after the other. This is a kind of footprint kit that shows us just where you normally put weight on your feet. We also draw the foot outline for both feet.

In the course of this, we also discuss the special requirements you may have for your feet. While we don’t make orthopedic shoes or sandals, and don’t do video or computer analysis of your gait or foot form, we will use our experience and expertise to address special needs.

Need some time: Handmade Sandals & Shoes Once we got your footprints, we can start to make your sandals or shoes. It’s handwork, and we do it on a first-come, first-served basis. We will give you an approximate appointment date for fitting or an estimated date for shipping, respectively. For some models – the ones you can not order online – we need you to visit us for a second appointment to fit the sandal or shoe.


Please note: Shape: The sole and footbed are shaped according to your footprints and therefore may appear slightly different from the pictures in the online catalog. This is not a deficiency. Color: The leather is dyed individually, and your monitor or display can show colors quite differently. The colors are therefore not binding, this is not a deficiency.

1. Make a footprint

Involvement of the buyer: We need your footprints for our bespoke sandals and shoes. When we receive an online order, we will send you a footprint kit and a small enclosed instruction. You must return the footprint kit to us before we can begin to work.

2. Adjust the Straps

When you receive the finished sandals, you need to adjust the straps yourself. Please see Video below. This collaboration is required; it is not a shortcoming and does not justify a price reduction.
Right of withdrawal and exchange: All our sandals and shoes are custom made and we only make them to order. The purchase contract is concluded by the binding order, you can not return or exchange the sandals or shoes. General Terms & Conditions: Please read our GTC before you make your binding order. We are obliged to provide you with these informations. When ordering online, you are required tick the respective box to confirm that you have read and understood our GTC . Further questions: Please check our “What you need to know” page first. If you can’t find the answer to your questions there, please feel free to contact us directly!