Braided sandals and clogs

Are they already shoes or still sandals? Our bespoke closed sandals and braided sandals may not be so easy to categorize, but they absolutely belong in our range, just like our clogs. They cover the foot a good deal more than a classic sandal, and yet they are more airy than shoes. However, these models are certainly by no means a compromise: Each has its own distinct style and is just right for a lot of occasions.

The sandal maker becomes a shoemaker – and needs their lasts

When it comes to actually making them, our closed sandals have one important thing in common with shoes: We need a pair of lasts that we individually make to the foot. By the way, for each foot separately, because the right one is never the exact counterpart of the left one. For this, we have to take your measurements precisely, and we can only do that in our store & workshop in Freiburg. So, alas, you can not order these models online.


f something wears out or no longer fits properly any more after many years of wear, we can repair or replace everything if necessary. Not only the outsole. So you may confidently expect an above-average service life.

Good craftsmanship, good material 

As always, we handcraft each pair of braided sandals and clogs using carefully selected materials. What you will always get is high-quality, mostly vegetable tanned leather and a solid sole construction. By the way: Due to the fat or grease it holds, well-maintained leather can easily survive a little rain. In our care tips, we explain what you need to keep in mind if it ever gets a bit too wet.

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