In the sandal workshop you will also find a small fine selection of handmade leather bags and leather belts. The collection was born simply from the joy of working with leather. And much like the sandals, the concept is thoughtful, durable, sustainable bags, with style, with their own touches, but thoroughly suitable for everyday use. Each one is handmade to order. Das heißt: Jede Tasche und jeder Gürtel ist ein Unikat, nichts ist auf schnelle Maschinenfertigung optimiert, die sorgfältige Arbeit ist in jedem Detail sichtbar. Genau darauf, auf die sorgfältige Arbeit, das hochwertige Leder und die Details kommt es uns an. In manchen Fällen können wir sogar besondere Wünsche erfüllen, z.B. bei der Größe des Handyfachs, das wir in unsere Taschen einbauen.

Did we get inspired?? Of course

We can reveal it quietly. We found the models for our bag models for the most part in the forest and on the meadow. More precisely: We have copied some of the hunting equipment. The hunting craft is ancient, and almost every idea you can have when you want to make robust, useful and suitably proportioned bags has been tried out there. Our models 1 and 2 and our gamebag clearly borrow from cartridge bags and transport bags for hunted game. Do our models now remind more of a British cartridge bag or more of a French Sac à Cartouche? It's hard to say, but there are some things we can't make ourselves. We buy good and durable belt buckles, just like our solid screw rivets. Or the beautiful hand-woven ribbons that we sew onto the shoulder straps of our bags. They come from Lithuania and are actually belt bands for traditional country costumes, mostly made of linen and wool. They are not always the same patterns and colors, but that's how it is when you don't do mass production.


You could definitely call the smooth leather editions from Model 1 to Tote Bag timeless. Or even try it with the label "vintage". We don't mind at all. How quickly the character can change is shown by the suede or nubuck variants in fresh colors and color combinations. Visually, everything is completely different, but the inner values remain the same. A practical layout, always a special compartment for the cell phone, soft goatskin lining, if it should be a little less rustic. And either simple and functional or a little more playful with contour accentuating piping or sewn edges. It's often the small details that make the difference.


A belt is a simple and everyday thing? True. Or not. It's the everyday things that make a difference in how well they're made. As always, we use only the highest quality leather for our wide belt straps and our braided belts. And especially with braided belts, the care taken in the workmanship makes a real difference. In width, various standard measurements are given by the solid buckles or clasps, which we attach with a resilient hand stitching. The length is, of course, variable.

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