Cartridge Bag No. 1 (with lining)

For ladies and men


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Delivery time: 18 weeks

Lines with an accent. A statement in leather This shoulder bag sets itself apart from its somewhat more modest sister model by a few fine features. Inside you find a lining of thin but quite durable goatskin, the lines are emphasized by surrounding welting and reinforced edges.

On the inside, the bag is divided into two large compartments, and there is also a pocket for the cell phone as well as practical pen holders. The clasp is made of solid brass, and an additional zipper pocket is integrated into the flap. The convenient hunting bag that inspired us is still quite apparent.

We offer two different types of leather for this bag – Oldgermany milled and Urstarkziege (which is a sturdy, yet supple goatskin leather)  – which differ significantly not only in color but also in touch and feel. The heavier cowhide or the soft goatskin each give the bag a distinctive character. As concerns the shoulder strap, you just choose one form our assortment. As with all our other items, we manufacture this shoulder bag only to order in our Freiburg workshop. Made of high quality leather, it shows experienced craftmanship and comes with a solid metal clasp. And, if necessary, we can fix anything.

Please choose and order the shoulder strap separately.

  • Goatskin or cowhide leather
  • Goatskin lining
  • Mostly hand sewn, easy to repair
  • Useful interior layout
  • Zipper pocket, pen holder, cell phone pocket
  • Solid metal buckle
  • Selectable shoulder strap

For our bags, we use different leathers with quite different properties. All of these leathers are vegetable tanned, and they come mainly from German, sometimes from French tanneries that work to high standards.

We only use carefully tanned leather, sometimes we accentuate with colors, and otherwise only rely on different leather greases. The result: Our leathers age naturally and evenly, and they develop a patina that is unique for every piece – which, by the way, also depends on how you care for the leather. Leather greases, oils or other leather care products may contain different ingredients that can affect the color as well as the color intensity.

Please keep in mind: Each hide takes on the color or hue of the tanning agent in its own way, each dyeing process goes a little bit differently. And as to how your display or monitor shows the colors: we have no influence on that. Color deviations on your display and on the original piece are therefore normal and not a fault.

Oldgermany Cowhide Milled

This leather receives a special treatment in the tannery to soften it and create an attractively grained surface. The suppleness is the only noticeable difference between our Oldgermany Cowhide Brown and Oldgermany Cowhide Milled.

Oldgermany Cowhide Milled is a vegetable tanned light brown leather. It is richly greased and therefore heavy, stable and does not require special care for a long time. Damp leather, especially when still quite new, can rub off onto textiles; from most fabrics, the color – which comes from the vegetable tannins – can easily be washed out. Water stains appear dark on the leather, but that can be easily evened out by wiping the whole leather with a damp cloth.

Natural Strong Goatskin

The name says it all: This goatskin from a tannery located in Tuttlingen in southern Germany is soft to the touch, yet amazingly durable with a natural, unique grain. The skin is unusually thick for goatskin, but preserves the characteristic suppleness.

The medium brown color – which comes from the vegetable tanning agents – intensifies and darkens when the leather is greased or oiled during care. And as usual: Use and touch, light and moisture leave their mark and over time produce a beautiful patina.


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