Handwoven belt with leather appliqué Nr. 2

For ladies and men


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Handwoven belt with leather appliqué and traditional Patterns: Some leather is included, but the belt itself is handwoven. You may have seen similar patterns and colors before in traditional costumes from the Baltic countries, Poland, or Ukraine. This is no coincidence, as we source our belt bands from these regions – for example, from Lithuania, where traditional loom weaving has been revived in recent years. We obtain the bands from small artisanal manufacturers in small quantities. They are never exactly the same; the colors and patterns vary, but the primary material always is sheep wool. The images are just examples. Please inquire with us to see which bands we currently have in the workshop! Naturally, textile belts made of natural materials like wool are not as stiff as solid leather belts. This makes them very comfortable to wear. However, for the areas subjected to the most strain, we always use leather parts to ensure that the belt lasts a long time. The buckle made of solid metal is carefully hand-stitched. You have the choice for both the leather and buckle!

  • Handwoven belt bands
  • Colors and patterns from traditional costumes
  • Width between 25 and 30 mm
  • Leather appliqués in high-stress areas
  • High-quality metal buckle


Bei diesem Produkt gibt es große Stoffauswahl, die wir hier nicht alles zeigen können. Kontaktieren Sie uns per E-Mail oder Anruf, dann können wir Ihnen den aktuellen Lagerstand mitteilen. Wenn Sie uns in der Werkstatt besuchen, können wir nicht nur die Stoffe sondern verschiedene Ledersorten zeigen. Für die Sonderwünsche, Änderung der Maße, Lederauswahl sprechen Sie uns einfach an.


With this product, there are large fabric selection, we can not show everything here. Contact us by email or call, then we can tell you the current stock. If you visit us in the workshop, we can show not only the fabrics but different kinds of leather. For the special requests, change the dimensions, leather selection just contact us.
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