Solid leather belt with massive brass buckle in harness shape

For ladies and men


inc. tax

Delivery time: 18 weeks

Our solid cowhide leather belt with a massive brass buckle is available in various widths. The loop and buckle are hand-sewn to ensure stability and repairability.

The high-quality crafted buckle is made of solid brass, which develops a patina over time.

You have the option to select from three distinct cowhide leathers sourced from German production, predominantly from southern Germany. Each leather type has its unique color palette, spanning from a lighter natural brown to deep black hues. The edges of the leather are meticulously hand-polished, which sets them apart from mass-produced items. As you wear it, each of these leathers develops its own unique patina and characteristic wear marks. We embrace the natural evolution of the leather, welcoming the visible signs of wear as the belt accompanies you on your journey.

By the way: In our leather workshops, you can also make your own leather belt.

  • Handmade from full-grain leather
  • Three leathers and two widths to choose from
  • Solid brass buckle
  • Hand-sewn loop and buckle
  • Please note our instructions for length selection and the description of the types of leather!

Notes on:

Measure the belt length on a belt that fits you well. Please do not measure the whole belt, but from the inside of the buckle (where the hinge of the buckle is) to the middle hole (or the hole you usually use). This is the “effective” length of the belt, which is roughly your waist measurement.

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