Handwoven belt with leather appliqué Nr. 1

For ladies and men


inc. tax

Delivery time: 18 weeks

Some leather is included, but the belt itself is handwoven. We source the bands from small artisanal manufacturers in small quantities. Naturally, textile belts are not as stiff as solid leather belts. This makes them very comfortable to wear. However, for the areas subjected to the most strain, we always use leather parts to ensure that the belt lasts a long time. The buckle made of solid metal is carefully hand-stitched. You have the choice for both the leather and buckle!

  • Handwoven belt bands
  • Colors and patterns from traditional costumes
  • Width of the band is approximately 32 mm.
  • Leather appliqués in high-stress areas
  • High-quality brass buckle

Notes on:

Measure the belt length on a belt that fits you well. Please do not measure the whole belt, but from the inside of the buckle (where the hinge of the buckle is) to the middle hole (or the hole you usually use). This is the “effective” length of the belt, which is roughly your waist measurement.

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