Made to measure. Always.

The Sandal Workshop Freiburg is a true craftsman’s workshop. That is, we actually do most things by hand, and like many of our tools, the sewing machines we use are sturdy old models. Some of it dates back to the dissolution of a shoemaker’s workshop for bespoke shoes some 40 years ago. Already when the workshop was founded in the early 1970s, there was one important decision: It should be all about bespoke sandals. Therefore, to this day, we do not make sandals to stock, but always to order.

Werkstatt Impression
Werkstatt Impression

What we need: Your footprint. And a pair of lasts.

Because we work to measure, we need your footprints and outlines of both feet. For some of our models we have to take further measurements and work with lasts made of wood like a traditional bespoke shoemaker. Meanwhile, we have quite a few lasts on our shelves. The footprints serve as a template when we define the shape of sole and footbed. We have optimized the footbed together with an orthopedist friend – it has proven itself in form and function to this day.

Wears well: Vegetable tanned leather.

We work with few but selected materials, mostly leather. For the build up of the sole we add cork to mold the footbed. The outsole is made of the proven materials rubber or EVA. We source our leather from southern German tanneries that process hides from local cattle. The leather is vegetable tanned, a significant feature because our sandals are mostly worn directly on the skin.

Werkstatt Impression
Werkstatt Impression

Cut, dye, glue, sew.

We cut the leather for sole and straps and dye it ourselves in the shade you ordered. The leather absorbs the dye only on its surface, so that it retains its natural look and warm appearance in the process. The sole is glued and sewn. The thread is recessed in a cut in the leather so that it is practically invisible from above. The polyester yarn we use is far superior in strength and durability to any natural yarn.

Finish at the foot: The fitting.

For some of our models we have to invite you to come to our workshop, because only here we can ensure the exact fitting. All sandals that you order online from our webshop have adjustable straps that you can fit yourself. It takes a little skill, not much strength, a simple pair of pliers, and when readjusting, perhaps an ordinary screwdriver to loosen the belts. If you order in our store & workshop, we will do it for you when you come to pick up your new sandals.

Do we make repairs? Of course! And don’t forget about leather care!

For us, being sustainable definitely means that we repair anything on our sandals – with a few exceptions – that wears out over time. Not only the outsole.

Anpassen vor Ort

Learning the ropes: Our hands-on workshops & classes

We take a lot of pleasure in our work and like to share it. In our courses you can become a sandal maker yourself. Well, you will not be a master after a few days, but you will experience real craftsmanship first-hand. The workshops are intended for only three to four participants.

1. Make a Print


Please note:

Shape: The sole and footbed are shaped according to your footprints and therefore may appear slightly different from the pictures in the online catalog. This is not a deficiency.

Color: The leather is dyed individually, and your monitor or display can show colors quite differently. The colors are therefore not binding, this is not a deficiency.

1. Make a Print

Involvement of the buyer: We need your footprints for our bespoke sandals and shoes. When we receive an online order, we will send you a footprint kit; how to use it is shown in a video you can watch online and in a small enclosed instruction. You must return the footprint kit to us before we can begin to work.

2. Adjusting

When you receive the finished sandals, you need to adjust the straps yourself. We show you how to do it in a video you can watch online and in a small enclosed tutorial.

This collaboration is required; it is not a shortcoming and does not justify a price reduction.

Right of withdrawal and exchange: All our sandals and shoes are custom made and we only make them to order. The purchase contract is concluded by the binding order, you can not return or exchange the sandals or shoes.

General Terms & Conditions: Please read our GTC before you make your binding order. We are obliged to provide you with these informations. When ordering online, you are required tick the respective box to confirm that you have read and understood our GTC .

Further questions: Please check our FAQ“ page first. If you can’t find the answer to your questions there, please feel free to contact us directly!



Instead of just reaching for the shelf: First, just have look at it. Usually, in a shoe store, you would just pick a pair of sandals in your regular size off the shelf and try them on. With us it’s different. We have samples in our store workshop for you to look at, but no range of finished sandals or shoes for you to try on. But of course you can have a good look at our models, here on the Internet or in our store & workshop.

Advice in our workshop. Of course, you can just come to the workshop and get all advice you might need. However, if you want to order a pair of sandals or shoes, we recommend that you make an appointment so that we make sure we have enough time for you. The appointment can also be arranged outside our opening hours (Monday to Friday 3.00 to 6.00 p.m.). Please allow 20 to 30 minutes for normal needs.

Once you have made your decision, we ask you to stand on a so-called foot-impression-box with both feet one after the other. This is a kind of footprint kit that shows us just where you normally put weight on your feet. We also draw the foot outline for both feet.

In the course of this, we also discuss the special requirements you may have for your feet. While we don’t make orthopedic shoes or sandals, and don’t do video or computer analysis of your gait or foot form, we will use our experience and expertise to address special needs.

Anpassen vor Ort

Need some time: Handmade Sandals & Shoes Once we got your footprints, we can start to make your sandals or shoes. It’s handwork, and we do it on a first-come, first-served basis. We will give you an approximate appointment date for fitting or an estimated date for shipping, respectively. For some models – the ones you can not order online – we need you to visit us for a second appointment to fit the sandal or shoe.