Our bespoke sandals are handmade from top quality leather, and they certainly bear our distinct signature. All models can be found in our online catalog, and many of them can be ordered online.  Please, come along!
Definitely worth more than one look: Bags and belts from our workshop. We rely on timeless design and classical shapes and forms. And on high quality leather, of course. We have often found the inspiration for form and make where function and durability traditionally count more than ever new fashion statements. They still look pretty good, our bags & belts.
Making your own sandals – in our workshops, we show you how it’s done. Strictly hands on, from taking the measurements to the completed pair from our collection, in small classes and under expert guidance. In our advanced workshops we guide you through your own sandal making or leatherwork projects.


How we work, what we use: Good craftmanship and good materials simply belong together. Come and watch us at work. Right here on our website.
Can an idea from the 1970s still be relevant today? For sure! Take a look around and get to know us –  the workshop and the three people who work here and want one thing above all: Deliver good quality.
You have questions about our sandals, you want to know what to do after ordering, you need tips on leather care? You can find an answer to most questions, right here!
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